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Agency Fees

Relocation service

This service is invoiced from 3500€ HT / 4200€ TTC (Welcome to France package). Options are not included in the package and are billed separately.

Property sale service

The fees applicable in Paris and Ile de France are 5% of the purchase price, if higher than 600 000€.

The fees applicable to France (except Ile de France) are 6% of the purchase price, if higher than 500 000€ and 7% if lower than 499 000€.

In France, the fees are payable by the buyer.

Property search service

The property search service is invoiced at 3% of the purchase price, including tax.

Furnished rental search service is invoiced at 15% of the total rent excluding charges if the duration is equal to or greater than 6 months and 25% of the total rent if the duration is less than 6 months.

Initial France feasibility package 3000€TTC :
This package is applicable for businesses and individuals looking to buy or rent in France.  We work with you to understand your goals and constraints, including budget, and take you indepthy through what is required to both rent/buy in France. Over as many interactions as you would like to have with our team, we take you step by step through the process and what to expect so far as taxes & market fees. Based on this information and a mutual decision on budget, timeline and feasibility, we provide you with a market study and put you in contact with the legal and bank professionals required in order to determine that feasibility of your real estate goals. All of this is required before we can undergo a true search for the appropriate location. 

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