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Investing in real estate in Paris

For more than 10 years, Melissa Regan has specialized in the monetization of real estate in France. Thanks to the experience and know-how of her team, we are able to help our clients, both private and institutional, to optimize their property.

If you are an investor, private or professional, our team will be able to assist you in defining an investment plan, in accordance with your constraints, which will allow you a return on investment as well as a diversification of your portfolio.

Our methodology is based on a thorough local research, on and off market, and on our knowledge of the market.

Finding a new and atypical opportunity by changing the destination of a property, studying the urbanization code to build additional floors or buying at auction are techniques mastered by the agency.

As for renovations, our network of architects includes DPLG architects for structural work and interior architects, all of whom work within their environmental framework.

You wish to buy to use your personal property later? MR Agency Real Estate takes care of finding a tenant, on a medium or long term basis, according to your objectives and needs.

France remains above all an area conducive to investment.
Why choose France ?

A strategic location …

Thanks to its central geographical location within Europe, France represents a privileged access to the EMEA zone (Europe, Middle East and Africa).
With one of the highest concentrations of corporate headquarters in Europe, it is strategically positioned at the center of the euro zone: more than 67 million inhabitants and direct access to more than 500 million European consumers in the single market.

… and a major economy open to the four corners of the world

In a few figures, it represents the fifth largest economy in the world, the second largest consumer market in Europe and the seventh largest foreign investor on an international scale.
With a wide range of business opportunities for investors, it has a great capacity to attract, but also, and above all, to retain foreign companies and key talents.

According to INSEE, the price of residential real estate has risen by nearly 22% over the past decade for the entire country (including all types of housing). As for commercial real estate prices, they have exploded, but in an unequal manner depending on the region in France.

Do you have a property to sell ?
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