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Office or commercial space rental in Paris

Office or commercial space rental

If you are looking for an office, a storefront or a commercial location suitable for   liberal professions, MR Agency Real Estate can assist you in all aspects of renting a commercial lease or acquiring a target property via a purchase.  

Two types of lease are possible in France, a commercial lease for a period of 3, 6 or 9 years and a derogatory lease for a shorter period. A commercial lease is a rental contract for premises in which a commercial, industrial or craftsmenship activity is carried out, for example for a showroom or a boutique. The premises must be used to operate a specific business activity “fonds de commerce” , which is sometimes sold separately by the previous tenant. With a commercial lease, the tenant benefits from either an automatic lease renewal or if the owner wants to terminate, an eviction indemnity. 

A derogatory lease is a short-term rental contract, up to 24 months maximum. In this case, the lessor and the lessee are not obliged to commit themselves for a long period. This lease is not subject to the same applicable rules as a commercial lease, so the tenant does not have the right to renew. 

1. How does it work ? 

CONTACT US: Contact us (by phone or email) and explain your project, including the type of lease you are looking for, the size of the premises you are looking for, the budget and the desired location.

INDICATIVE SELECTION : In the language you’ve requested, you will receive an indicative pre-selection of properties adapted to your search criteria including location and budget made by your Real Estate MR Agency specialist. 

CHOOSE YOUR PROPERTY : After mandated us, your search starts:

  • We send you selections of properties, thanks to our network of agencies covering Paris and the surrounding areas.
  • We plan and accompany you on all the visits (physical and/or virtual)
  • We present you to the various specialists necessary for your transaction (notaries, lawyers, bankers, insurance brokers, etc.)
  • We negotiation the lease agreement or the elements required to buy via the notary. 
  • Your MR Agency Real Estate team member is with you for the signature of the lease or the promissary and final deed at the notaire in the case of purchase.   We can provide a power of attorney service if you are unable to physically attend the signing.

Additional services :

  • Management of the renovation and/or interior decoration
  • Assistance in coordinating the move

Interesting facts to know 

In France, the process of renting a commercial space can sometimes be long as for to make an actual purchase. A large number of documents are required for this process, which can become complex as a foreign company.

Some of the key factors within a commercial lease are the type of activity, duration and price.  Making sure that the premises are suitable for your activity and that your activity is legally authorized by the building is handed by MR Agency. The minimum legal duration of a commercial lease is 3 years and renews for 3 year periods, meaning that you can only cancel before each 3 year anniversary date. The rent agreed between the two parties is also revised every three, six and nine years according to the evolution of the French commercial rent index (ILC) or the tertiary activities index (ILAT). The latter is freely determined by the parties.  A commercial lease may also include an automatic annual indexation clause but also an entrance fee called the “key money” which is freely fixed by the parties and is not reimbursed by the owner-lessor at the end of the commercial lease.  Finally, the purchase of a commercial property can be made by an individual, or a corporate legal entity such as a SCI, SAS, SARL.

3. We are here for you

With our multicultural team and our privileged market relationships ( owners on and off market), MR Agency Real Estate assists you in all the stages of a rental or a purchase of a professional property. We help you to choose the location with the most suitable characteristics compared with your request. 

As an independent agency, we have access to both off-market listings and more atypical properties found in auction houses for example. Beyond that we also have close links with lawyers and banking professionals to facilitate your transactions. 

We will put all our resources at your disposal to provide you with advisory services to ensure the optimal structuring of a purchase or for renting a commercial property.  Contact us for more information. 

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