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Autumn in Paris

As the Indian summer gently fades away in the enchanting city of Paris, it’s that time of year when you can savor pumpkin spice lattes and immerse yourself in a world of fall activities.

Since the start of the school year, Paris has been abuzz with a flurry of captivating events that have drawn in not only locals but also the international community. Notable among these are Paris Design Week, Maison et Objet, and Fashion Week, each bringing its unique flavor to the city.

Maison et Objet, the renowned design show that has been a fixture since 1995, is a must-visit event for design enthusiasts from all over the world. Complementing this event, Paris Design Week, introduced in 2011, transforms the city into an art lover’s paradise, with an array of events and exhibitions spread across two intense weeks.

Our spaces have had the privilege of hosting various gallerists during Paris Design Week

Showcasing the potential for creativity and collaboration in the heart of Paris. Fashion Week, on the other hand, is not just about runway shows but also bustling showrooms filled with buyers exploring upcoming fashion collections.
Many have turned to MR Agency for finding the ideal exhibit spaces, be it for Cult Gaia, Nanushka, or multi-brand showrooms like Arddun Agency and The Known Agency.

As we transition into October and November, Paris maintains its allure.

The city’s autumn, with its gentle sunlight and vivid foliage, attracts holidaymakers to iconic parks like the Tuileries Gardens. After a leisurely stroll, what could be better than retreating to a cozy apartment? Paris is replete with hidden apartments, and our real estate agents are here to help you find the perfect short- or long-term rental or even a purchase if you desire it.

Here are a few activities not to miss during these crisp autumn days in Paris:

1. Enjoy a hot drink at your favorite café (Café Kitsuné, Café Nuances, Cuvée Noir).
2. Explore the exhibitions at Art Basel, now known as Paris +.
3. Visit the Paris Asian Art Fair at the Monnaie de Paris.
4. Step into Notre-Dame, which recently reopened its doors and is now hosting an exhibition called “Les trésors de Notre-Dame” (“The Treasures of Notre-Dame”).
5. Discover the Arts Décoratifs’ exhibition, which explores the relationship between fashion and sport.

November is a significant month for photography in Paris, with numerous exhibitions all around the city. The Salon du Made in France and Paris Photo fair are standout events, featuring international artists.

During Paris Photo, you’ll find the DEVOTION exhibition, a charity initiative supporting cancer research created by Catherine Baba in 2022. It includes an exhibition, the first screening of James Crump’s film “Antonio Lopez, 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco” in France, and an auction.

If you’re keen to utilize galleries and showrooms to exhibit your creations or want to explore the incredible events of Paris throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Paris in autumn is indeed a season of wisdom and good advice, where creativity and inspiration know no bounds.

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