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Setting Up Your First Office in Paris


Welcome to Paris! Here is what you need to know: 

A new office, a new city, and the possibility of new ventures, all things that come along with the decision of setting up an office in a foreign country. Even world travelers experience a certain level of culture shock when making ties more permeant rather than the fly in and fly out business trips. 

Whether from Sweden or Texas, Paris is unique when it comes setting up operations. While it may seem overwhelming, there are tips that make the process easier and we can assure you it is well worth it.

Which area to choose?

A first factor to focus on when choosing where to set up your office in Paris is the arrondissement, which is how Paris is geographically sectored. There are 20 in total, and each one has its own personality, or something that makes it unique and adapted for different industries. Just as anywhere else in the world, there are different neighborhoods where art, fashion, finance, technology, banking and more seem to naturally come together. We highly suggest doing a deep study into the differences of the arrondissements, to get an idea of which may best is best suited for you and your business. 

In addition to a study that can include looking at addresses of like businesses you know, anytime you are visiting, try to integrate as much as possible in the micro-cultures or professional clubs in your areas of interest. Or leave it to us. As a Paris-based agency, MR Agency Real Estate, we know which neighborhoods are best suited dependent upon your business type and international development strategy. 

What characteristics are you looking for? 

Once the neighborhood has been carefully considered, you must then decide upon your specific search criteria. What type of space will work best for your business? Factors such as the number of employees is an obvious consideration for size, but beyond, consider the following: whether you need an open or closed workspace, a showroom to display products, conference rooms, an event space, or anything else that would compliment the way your business operates. 

This is a place you will be spending a good amount of your time, so it is important that your office reflects the aesthetics of you and your company. High ceilings, hard wood floors, industrial windows modern versus classic, many choices await you in Paris. The interior design is obviously something that can be changed, but does require investment so this should be considered in the selection process. We are able to find you the right target property and support you in undergoing refurbishment and interior design. 

How to secure an office? 

It is important to consider short versus long term goals when choosing to secure a property for your specific business needs. The most common office lease in France is called “3-6-9”, meaning that you commit to renting the space for a minimum of 3 years and your contract then rolls to a 6 years then 9 year terms. The advantage for the tenant is that your price is fixed and, if there is any sort of discrepancy, you can’t be evicted. This configuration allows you to find the right office and then stay focused on running your core business, as apposed to being burdened with moving every year. 

Within our agency, we have vast involvement in negotiating this type of lease, as well as the general acquisition of property in many other ways. Another option is buying an office space. While generally less common when setting up your first French office there can be some advantages depending upon your specific profile. On the contrary, short term leases, called “bail précaire,” also exist typically lasting 12 to 18 months. While unlikely that you’d like to relocate your entire office to Paris on a short term basis, there are times when short term leasing may be the most viable option. 

Both renting and purchasing in France require a tremendous amount of paperwork, referred to as your “dossier”. MR Agency Real Estate works with you hand in hand to prepare your ‘dossier’ in order to secure your target office. We facilitate the entire process including introductions to needed market professionals such as bankers or lawyers. Schedule a call with us to determine the feasibility of setting up your offices in France

With our extensive knowledge and experience within the domain, let MR Agency Real Estate make the experience as painless as possible for your next French endeavor. While we are an international agency, our French, Arabic, Russian speaking Paris-based team has a unique global perspective and local know how. 

Why Paris? 

Paris is an amazingly diversified and prospering city, with ample opportunity. Fashion, art, food, globalized culture, tourism, and easy trade or accessibility are just some of the many characteristics that make Paris the ideal location for your business. the If you’re still unsure if Paris is the right place of relocation for you, visit our site and read about the conveniences and advantages to making Paris a base for your business. 

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