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Want to buy abroad? All about how to organize your transfers of funds

Buying abroad requires not only finding the ideal property but also the logistics of transferring funds to France.

Whether managing currency exchange fluctuations, favorable rates, or timely same-day transfers/settlements directly to French notaries, MR Agency Real Estate can assist you with the entire process. 

When is the right time to transfer funds, and should I go through my local bank?

Buying or renting overseas assets can be a daunting story of volatile exchange rates, timing, and back-and-forth dialogue between banks Traditionally, it was necessary to time your transfers with the exchange markets in a 1 time transaction via your local bank and wait back to receive full fees and costs. As the buying or even renting process in France is quite long*, there can additionally be a large window of uncertainty for buyers related to exchange rates and how they evolve during the process. Furthermore, investors often have little to no visibility of their money once given to the bank, and the long processing times and unforeseen delays can cause significant inconveniences to deadlines. 

*The acquisition process in France is approximately 2-4 months between placing an offer and closing the final deed. 

Our Solution

At MR Agency Real Estate, we value providing you with the most professional turnkey experience possible. From inception to completion, it is our duty to ensure that you are getting the best deals amidst the relocation and acquisition process (View all information about our relocation service for individuals and professionals). It’s our pleasure to introduce to you our UK-based partner, working with over 30 currencies, Fibre Payments. Fibre’s applications make investing abroad a more maneuverable experience by eliminating currency exchange risk, more favorable rates, expert market guidance, security and visibility, and borderline instantaneous transfers and settlements. 

More about Fibre Payments 

Specialists in property and investment-related transactions; Fibre Payments ensure clients receive the best value when converting currency and provide guidance to help with timing, which is typically the most significant factor influencing value, as exchange rates are increasingly volatile. 

Whilst a property price has been agreed in Euros, exchange rate fluctuations will still affect the underlying cost of the property and Fibre Payments can help review budgets and offer guidance to help manage the transaction, as they have extensive experience with the buying process in France. 

Key Benefits

– Value -Market-leading exchange rates with zero transfer fees

– Guidance – Market guidance to assist with timing transfers

– Expertise – Experience with financial and legal aspects involved with international property transactions

– Capabilities – Named bank account of client(s), to send or receive payments in over 30 currencies

– Security – Highest authorization with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom 

– Visibility – Full control and visibility over the payment process. 

Client Case Study – Purchase in Paris 

A client from the United States had been introduced to Fibre by their mortgage advisor as they were in the process of purchasing a property in Paris (Discover our article on the French Tech promoting investment in France).

The client only has 5 working days to settle their 10% deposit, required to put in an escrow account with the signing of the promissory note, as they had experienced significant delays with their US Bank with a previous transfer. Fibre was introduced to provide a solution that could meet this deadline, as a local collection account in the United States could be offered to receive the US dollars the same day.

The funds could then be converted at a favorable rate into Euros, of which there was a +4000€ difference in comparison to their bank. Furthermore, the onward Euro payment could be transferred directly to the appointed Notaire that same day, which was received within hours.

The client importantly saved a significant amount of money by using Fibre and without the introduction, there was a significant chance the deposit would have been received later than the required deadline, causing the purchase to fall through.

Dollars to Exchange: $325,000.00 

Bank Exchange Rate: 1.0678

Return with Bank: 304,364.11€

Fibre Exchange Rate: 1.0538 

Euros Saved with Fibre : 308,407.66€

Total Fibre Saving: 4,043.56€ 

*Rates Indicative of 10/06/22

Can I lock in an advantageous current exchange rate for the future closing? 

Yes, Fibre Payments offer the ability to secure an exchange rate until a date in the future, which then guarantees a cost, or the return for a given amount of currency exchanged. This can effectively remove the risk of further market volatility and guarantee the cost of a property between when the price is agreed and the completion date.

Fibre Client Testimonial

“This is a go-to business for currency transfer and payments. Daniel and his colleague Will are who you need to do business with in this area. They are quick, cost-efficient, and their website has an excellent interface. We found them to be perfect for our needs in purchasing property and would highly recommend them. They are very hands-on and willing to help you complete your transactions as needed. We can’t say enough of how thankful we are for their kind assistance.” – Wade C 


Renting or buying abroad will require an out-of-pocket payment, typically originating in your native currency. By going through MR Agency Real Estate, we ensure through our partner Fibre that individuals and cooperatives will incur the least amount of banking fees, management of your foreign exchange exposure, and provide you with the best possible deals via competitive rates, zero transfer fees, and more. With Fibre, there is no minimum requirement to access these services applicable to all case scenarios, small or large transfers, and we are pleased to together provide you with world-class solutions for buying and selling abroad. See the benefits of working with us

Watch the video explaining the Fibre – International Payments Platform Fibre Demo

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